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Being India's first comprehensive Digital Pathology platform, we're enabling the pathology community to focus on what's really important - Diagnosis, while we eliminate geographical barriers, cumbersome microscopes and prohibitively expensive machines.

With our in-house patented scanning technology and fully integrated AI powered software tools we are poised to cause an inflection point in the history of microscopy.

Our one-size-fits-all scanner automates bright field microscopy. Built keeping in mind laboratories operating at different scale, our scanner is highly affordable while promising state-of-the-art speed & quality. It scans the region of interest exhaustively capturing perfectly focused images and stitches the captured images into a single continuous virtual slide for intuitive navigation experience for the pathologist.


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About Us

Inspired and Passionate

We, as a company, have a vision to improve the lives of Patients and Healthcare Providers by enabling better diagnostic outcomes at an affordable cost. We operate in the domain of Digital Pathology and In-Vitro diagnostics and provide Products, Software and Solution to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of pathology workflows.

We believe that greatest barrier to deploying advanced software tools in pathology is that the modality of diagnosis is still analog. Simply digitizing will unlock great potential spanning across effective tele-reporting and powerful computer vision aided tools.

We are team of Smart Young Professionals that is passionate about Technology and Healthcare, who constantly challenge the status-quo in order to be the best in the business.

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