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Being India's first comprehensive Digital Pathology platform, we're enabling the pathology community to focus on what's really important - Diagnosis, while we eliminate geographical barriers, cumbersome microscopes and prohibitively expensive machines.

Our affordable scanner, powered by patented in-house technology, digitizes physical slides and uploads them to the cloud, enabling pathologists to diagnose over a computer/tablet.
Pathologists can view the slides, collaborate with other doctors in real time from anywhere in the world aided by intelligent tools designed to reduce subjectivity and setup efficient workflows.
Reports are integrated into the hospital / lab systems, and the virtual slides are safely archived for future reference along with features including search by tags, date-range and name.


With our in-house patented scanning technology and fully integrated AI powered software tools we are poised to cause an inflection point in the history of microscopy.

Universal Scanner

Our one-size-fits-all scanner automates bright field microscopy. Built keeping in mind laboratories operating at different scale, our scanner is highly affordable while promising state-of-the-art speed & quality. It scans the region of interest exhaustively capturing perfectly focused images and stitches the captured images into a single continuous virtual slide for intuitive navigation experience for the pathologist.

Scanned data is uploaded to our in-house online data storage, a secure online PACS.

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Online Workstation

Our platform offers online pathology workstations enabling remote diagnosis on top of virtual slides from the scanner stored in online PACS. Workstation has Computer Vision based assistive tools to reduce subjectivity for cases concerning quantitative reporting. Also the workstation is designed to work with poor internet connection given the low data footprint & reactive progressive download algorithms.

The platform also offers workstations with team accounts which include collaboration tools to setup efficient workflows for our institutional customers.

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We believe that greatest barrier to deploying advanced software tools in pathology is that the modality of diagnosis is still analog. Simply digitizing will unlock great potential spanning across effective tele-reporting and powerful computer vision aided tools.

The Team

Rohit Hiwale
Co-Founder and CEO

Anchit Navelkar
Co-Founder and CTO

Tanvee Kulkarni
Director of Digital Pathology

Soumyadeep Mukherjee
Systems Architect

Ritesh Patil
Machine Designer

Sunnel Daniel
Business Development

Akshay Sonandkar
Robotics Engineer

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